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Plugin Surgery ★ PagePipe

How to customize WordPress free themes
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No coding expertise required.

FASTER-GRAPHICS are ebook-only guides to essential page-speed fundamentals, speed techniques, or deep obsessions on a single aspect of WordPress design. Whatever the report, you’re only a quick read away from learning vital, practical know-how for faster mobile speed and balanced aesthetics.

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FASTER-GRAPHICS BOX SET shows you creative design ideas using free plugins and themes for only $49.95. No more annual plugin rental fees.


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INDIVIDUAL ISSUES INCLUDED IN Faster-Graphics BOX SET (shown below):


“Choosing a Fast Theme and Plugins
from the Free WordPress Directories”

PDF ebook, 936k download, 18-page full-color illustrations, screenshots, and photos. $10.

PagePipe examines customizing a grid-style theme. And its potential for a graphic designer’s portfolio site. Designing for speed and aesthetics.

We discuss problems with free Cloudflare CDN. Demo themes used for marketing are often deceptive. We tell you what to avoid – and how to choose a fast, free theme. We tell how to optimize speed with testing and adjustments.

Includes a list of free plugins used for:

  • speed
  • security
  • image optimization
  • SEO
  • UX improvements


“How to Choose a Color Palette and Stock Images Creating Unified Site Feeling and Mood”

PDF ebook, 1.0M download, 17-page full-color illustrations, screenshots, and photos. $10.

This case study focuses on choosing a color palette and images creating feeling and mood. Found web elements include choice of theme, plugins, fonts, colors, icons, and images. These free objects are then the limitations or design boundaries. The skills utilized are not timeless since technology changes. But good design principles are evergreen. The example theme was already purchased by the client. We made it work. Use these creative color ideas on your next web project.


“How to Achieve Functionality, Page Speed, and Aesthetic Goals with Unconventional Plugin Usage”

PDF ebook, 1.2M download, 21-page full-color illustrations, screenshots, and photos. $10.

Strong, modern, expressive aesthetic is attractive to many web designers. For our goals, this creates good branding. We do solid-color backgrounds in hexcode and create a weightless graphic element. It doesn’t load down the site.

The goal is balance. Usually pages with no risk are the result of design committees. No one wants to get fired. Seeking the safest ground of consensus means no one’s offended. It sounds wise. But then, the site becomes part of herd mentality. It’s lost in a sea of cliché websites. This report explains the principles and benefits of classic-versus-expressive design aesthetic.

This report demonstrates unconventional plugin usage achieving functionality, page speed, and aesthetic goals. But the principles are the same when selecting any plugin, free of paid. We list the free plugins – and why we removed some. There are a lot more good design ideas in this report.


“How to Achieve Website Speed
and Visual Continuity on a Budget”

PDF ebook, 1.0M download, 13-page full-color illustrations, screenshots, and photos. $10.

This report shows the “impossible” goal of speed – and still having an attractive website. We talk about efficiency and quality.

One of the big concepts in this report is how we communicate our choice of a warm color palette. Color palettes are the primary communication device for a website’s “look and feel.” Image color-extraction tools help keep consistency when we select background and type colors.

We always set site goals. We wanted warm, rural images with depth-of-field lens effect for mood. Besides color, lighting in these images needed to be consistent.

We show how we found free plugins and royalty-free, legally-unencumbered stock images. We wanted to achieve sub-second page load times using low-cost hosting. That’s usually considered impossible with WordPress.

Besides auditing homepage performance, we talk about surprise discoveries. They’re speed benefits in the theme and plugins we chose.

Theme customization concerned changing typography and CSS colors to harmonize with selected images.


“Using Simple Powerful Color Scheme
for Quick Eye-catching Design”

PDF ebook, 1.6M download, 19-page full-color illustrations, screenshots, and photos. $10.

While working on this experimental project, we learned mysteries of achieving speed. Specifically, under 1-second page loads on cheap, shared hosting.

In this report, you learn a few graphic tricks for page variety. We gave a brief explanation of how we produced the JPEG *Xray* images. Also, how PNG signage can make lightweight fake columns when you place content in the caption.

There’s a necessity for stock images for low-budget production. In spite of Google’s custom photography recommendation. And gray-scale testing for legibility. Plus more creative ideas you can use on your next web project.

See how to create a no-brainer color scheme using yellow-and-black. We show sample identities as models. And prove gray-scale testing for legibility.

How we fix touch-screen navigation for our dropdown menus. This was impossible to test on a simulator. We needed a real iPad with fat fingers to troubleshoot these problems.


“Strategy for Rapid Design of a WordPress Website”

PDF ebook, 722k download, 13-page full-color illustrations, screenshots, and photos. $10.

New websites takes several weeks or even months to complete, but our client gave us only two weeks for this one. That meant we had no time for perfection, so we focused on the points that would make the biggest difference.

First, we developed a site identity. What we developed for our client set the course for everything that followed. And it laid the groundwork for future marketing efforts. First we simplified. We worked up an improved color palette. And we paid special attention to our choice of typefaces and the typography that makes it all work.

We made sure that the design theme communicates what they are and what they do. It’s appropriate to their company and to potential buyers.

Our design is all about credibility. The look, the feel, and yes even the speed of a website all weigh in to determine credibility. The new design is the basis for all future marketing materials and design projects.


“Building an Artist’s Portfolio Site for Speed”

PDF ebook, 722k download, 13-page full-color illustrations, screenshots, and photos. $10.

This case study shows how you can be a common-sense performance engineer – and make your site experience the best. Grid-like design themes are perfect for photographers, artists, and illustrators showcasing their portfolio.

Our client wanted a symmetrical, square grid with no clumsy captions underneath. The goal was a clean Bauhaus look. We didn’t want any site features getting in the way of experiencing the colorful abstract art. The site needed to remain transparent or invisible.

A “classic” palette was the goal. Classic includes white, grays, cremes, and black. We used red as an accent for links. We explore recommendations for portfolio sites including content suggestions.

Our reports are PDF case studies optimized for best viewing at 100 percent – or original size.


PayPal is a secure SSL-encrypted payment.

Faster-Graphics ebooks contain:

  • Plugin recommendations saving speed and money.
  • Research discoveries about specific alternative free plugins.
  • Learn fast methods and criteria for better plugin decisions.
  • No time-consuming exploration of the 55,000+ WordPress plugin directory.
  • Avoid the learning curve and gain valuable experience and skill fast.
  • One-time cost. No future payments.
  • Premium plugins have an annual *rental* fee. Don’t get locked in for recurring annual-renewal plugins. Save your money.

About the Author

Steve Teare
Steve Teare, Performance Engineer

Steve Teare researches WordPress plugin speed techniques and methods. Steve’s most valued super-power is creativity.

Site owners need education. Not only how to make nice-looking sites. But how not to abuse and ruin WordPress – and thus the Internet itself. Steve’s mission: save the Internet from the approaching WordPress Apocalypse!

Steve’s passion is balancing the perception of speed with color and images. Building for speed stops mobile website abuse. Performance is not just an afterthought, bake it in from the start.

Speed-mastery for WordPress power users.

We reverse-engineer premium and popular plugins – and torture-test free themes. We discover ways to duplicate their main features. We use a blend of discrete, free, copycat plugins. These lightweight – sometimes esoteric – plugins won’t slow down your website.

Get speed tips and instructions. You’re buying our knowledge and expertise. Links to plugins are included for your convenience and backup. All open-source plugin downloads are the property of their original authors and protected by GPL licenses. They are endorsed and available from the WordPress plugin directory. We don’t provide plugins or support. But we do answer email speed questions for 30 days after purchase.



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Plugin Surgery ★ PagePipe


Faster Graphics
ebook plugin guides
PayPal is a secure SSL-encrypted payment.


List Price: $70.00
Own all seven issues.
Special bundle price: $49.95
Save $20.05 off list price.

Our reports are PDF case studies optimized for best viewing at 100 percent – the original size.

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